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ISO 9001:2015

GASROY offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom fabrication solutions. We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control.

Meter Skids

Flow Control/Regulator Skids.
Valve Switching Skids.
EFM/GC Buildings w/Full I&E Integration.
Main Line Valve (MLV) Settings.
Pig Launchers & Receivers.
Automated Sphere Launchers.
Fuel Gas Skids.

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Custody Transfer Gas Verification Service

Uses ultrasonic meter for its wide rangeability and high accuracy.
Tested in a wide array of configurations while mobile nature allows for easy recalibration at regular intervals.

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Bulk Electric Supply

Decades of experience in engineering, systems design, piping layout, drafting, and electrical and control systems. Our experience and 1st class workmanship allow us to bring the best solution to your project, on time and fully realized.

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Power Systems and MCC’s

600V Metal Enclosed Switchgear.
600V Motor Control Centers (MCC).
5 – 38kV Metal-Clad Switchgear (ANSI & IEC, Arc Resistant).
5 – 7.2kV E2 Motor Controllers (ANSI & IEC, Arc Resistant).
Electrical Equipment Centers (EEC).

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Gas Heaters

Design and manufacturing of custom engineered process heaters for direct and indirect heating applications.

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Offshore Engineering, Design & Construction

Engineering capabilities include has previous experience in all marine areas for Experts in designing and building marine equipment for offshore operations.

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Procurement, Logistics & Inventory Management

Providing an alternative to your traditional power system vendors. We supplying solutions for your electrical packaging requirements by offering sales development, project management/engineering, procurement management, material outsourcing, in-house manufacturing, inspection/testing management, and installation supervision.

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Gas Processing Equipment

Indirect Fired Heaters
Direct Fired Convective Heaters
Gas Filtration Equipment
Sweeting Equipment

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Oil & Gas Project Integration:

Equipment Products and Services

Key Advantages


We have over 35 years of industrial expertise.


We always reply to client queries within 24 hours.


We use advanced technology in all of our projects.

Project integration

Schedule tasks, purchase equipment, address risks, re-schedule tasks.

Competitive Rivalry within an Industry

Gasroy project manages all schedule tasks, purchase equipment, address risks, re-schedule tasks, and all other necessary tasks to ensure successful project completion. Keeping track of these tasks can be overwhelming, and knowing how to manage outcomes when different project processes overlap is crucial. We minimize redundancy and maximize resource usage.

Gasroy Fabrication Partners is the result of merging seven great fabricators with over 250 years of combined operating history into project integration solution. Our partners have a combined fabrication space of over 2,000,000 sq. ft., 30 facilities, over 1200 dedicated employees and a comprehensive suite of processes to meet all your oil and gas fabrication needs.

Gasroy partner fabricators all have an Engineering-to-Order (ETO) team, allowing for  standard engineering practices and custom design. We utilize our engineering and design knowledge on every project to provide expert solutions to clients worldwide. Gasroy engineers and designer project integrate by working side by side with our partner fabricators. This minimizes delivery time and cost on every project.

Gasroy field installation services specialize in servicing all of our partners equipment installations needs. Our project managers and field personnel have been trained to service and install our partners equipment with the quality as our fabrication  design.