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Gasroy is a LEADING COMPANY IN THE INTEGRATION OF PROJECTS of Oil and Gas, through our commercial partners and manufacturers of the measurement equipment as a Natural Gas process. Gasroy manages a portfolio of project integration and marketing of equipment for the gas and oil industry. We also have a portfolio for the power supply as equipment for substations and all kinds of industrial electrical equipment to complement an integral solution for gas plants, gas compression, gas measurement, etc.

The portfolio is divided into two parts, one that refers to the Oil and Gas industry, particularly Natural Gas, and which covers equipment such as measuring and gas regulation skids, devil shipping and reception traps, as well as process equipment for natural gas such as direct-fired heaters, sweeteners, separators, coalescing filters. We have a group of designers that offer us integral solutions for the industry from the design of the equipment to the development of engineering for natural gas process plants. Among other projects, we are currently supporting the start-up of gas plants for Argentina.


GASROY provides oil and gas equipment and project management services.

We partner with Project Owners and EPC firms to provide the best service by minimizing cost for projects.


FastTrack EPC Services.


To become the global leader in integrated oil and gas solutions. By enabling clients to maximize resources and minimize cost.